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Estate planning is crucial to your family's future security in the event of death or disability. We can help you identify goals, explore your options, and anticipate issues you may not have considered. Both young families and elderly persons should have a will. 


We will answer all of your questions and help you address the issues listed below. Our expertise in drawing up wills and trusts and our knowledge of the specific estate planning laws in Washington State enable us to be a strong advocate for your needs and wishes.


  • Appoint an executor of your estate
  • Arrange bequests to a charitable cause
  • Arrange custody of your minor children
  • Asset protection and preservation
  • Avoid the expense of guardianship
  • Avoid probate hassles for your heirs
  • Ensure your wishes are respected regarding your property
  • Save taxes, probate administration costs, and attorney's fees


  • Choose an appropriate executor
  • Ensure the legality of your will
  • Minimize the prospect of will contests
  • Minimize taxes on your estate
  • Simplify the legal process


Living wills are also known as advance directives, health care directives, or directives to physicians. Living wills dictate what intervention (e.g., life support, feeding tubes, and artificial hydration) should be taken and under what circumstances (e.g., permanent unconsciousness, comatose, terminal condition, vegetative state). Normally, a living will is not acted upon unless two independent physicians certify that you are completely unable to communicate yourself and your are either (a) terminally ill and near the end of life, or (b) permanently unconscious with no reasonable chance to recover. However, a living will may provide that a physician's certificate is not necessary to act upon your living will.


A living will allows terminally ill patients to die on their own terms and with dignity. It also protects the hospital and loved ones from liability. Living wills may be contested if drafted improperly. Lack of a living will or an improperly drafted living will can require expensive, bitter guardianship hearings. Do not let this happen to you.


A power of attorney can be broad, covering all your affairs, or specific and limited in scope. You may choose to have one person cover your personal legal and financial affairs, and another to make medical decisions for you.


There are many situations in which someone would have to act in your stead: mental incompetence, illness or accident, military deployment, or if you have gone missing. Without a power of attorney, the court would hold a guardianship hearing and appoint someone to take control of your estate.


Durable Powers of Attorney for Personal and Financial Matters

This person will be able to act on your behalf in all business matters, such as:


  • Handling real estate transactions or collecting monies owed
  • Managing income, paying debts, and filing tax returns
  • Managing financial accounts and retirement plans
  • Signing of documents or legal proceedings


Health Care Powers of Attorney

Let your family know your wants and desires, and choose the right person to help you plan for event of your death or incapacity. We are estate planning lawyers who can help ensure that your needs and the needs of your family are met.


Paperwork for estate planning can be overwhelming. Let Brian Chase and his staff professionally handle your case with the utmost care and attention to detail. Mr. Chase understands the importance of your estate planning needs and uses an individualized approach to maximize your comfort and complete understanding.


Let your family know your wants and desires, and choose the right person to help you plan for event of your death or incapacity. Mr. Chase is an estate planning lawyer who can help ensure that your needs and the needs of your family are met.


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